How Maria Mocked Pere In A ‘Critical’ Situation When They Were On Set For Their Recent Commercial

Maria $ pere /

It’s a good thing that Maria and Pere could actually get along together and partner with each other to bring about a masterpiece, despite the differences they had in the past, which seemed unresolvable as at the time.

It’s no news that both reality TV stars and ex Big Brother Naija Season 6 housemates featured in a recent commercial that generated mixed reactions from people regarding their (Maria and Pere) performance. Also, the behind the scenes (BTS) of the commercial has also been spreading on social media.

However, Maria’s facetious attitude during the BTS of the commercial (when Pere was hanging upside down) was one that was very glaring. In my opinion, she was bluntly mocking Pere who as at the time, was in a tight fix while trying to deliver a top-notch performance.

Maria was literally anticipating Pere’s fall (which didn’t eventually happen) while they were on set. She also made fun of Pere’s military status, as she assumed that he was supposed to go about the task swiftly and easily since he was once in the military.


Maria might have meant no harm when she made certain statements about Pere while he was hanging upside down. Apparently, as she spoke to Pere, she was laughing over the whole thing. However, this doesn’t change the fact that some jokes are unnecessary and inappropriate.