The Way My Body Is Doing Me To Open My Safe Of 4 Years, It’s Somewhere In The Forest” – Janemena


A Popular Nigerian dancer and brand influencer, Janemena, took to her social media page and revealed that she has been saving money in the forest for 4 years and she feels like going to the forest to open her safe.

Janemena said that the way she is feeling, she might want to go to the forest and open her safe but she does not know if the money will still be good for use. She, however, said that one thing about her is the fact that she has everlasting patience which she believes it’s a huge gift for her.

Dancer : Janemena

According to Janemena, she said: “The way my body is doing me to open my safe of 4 years, it’s somewhere in the forest. I hope money does not spoil. One thing about me, my patience is everlasting, a huge gift I tell you”.

Looking at what Janemena said, she believes that she has been patient for 4 years since she started saving the money in the forest and she is feeling like going to the forest to open her safe and get back her money.

Do you think there must be a reason why she decided to keep her safe in the forest?

What is your opinion in this regard?