Sabo, Yaba Residents Seek Help As Miscreants Continually Defile Abandoned Physically Challenged Girl


LAGOS – Concerned residents and traders at the Sabo Model Market, Yaba, Lagos, have cried for help for a homeless physically challenged underage girl.

The underage girl called Kofo, whose age is put at 10 to 12 years, was abandoned by unknown persons sometime in the second week of November 2021 near the Sabo market.

The physically challenged and stuttering homeless girl that had been sleeping in the open since November 2021, near the market, has been sexually molested severally by unknown men in the vicinity

An early riser and trader within the Sabo market, Oluwatoyin Adigun, told Daily Independent that on the faithful day Kofo was abandoned by an unknown person, she discovered a moving object from a distance at about 5.30 a.m.

“Out of curiosity, I moved closer and to my chagrin, the object turned out to be a helpless girl-child that needed urgent attention.

Adigun said with the help of other women around she was picked up, catered for and clothed but kept in the open after closing of business for the day.

She said the discovery was lodged at the Sabo Police Station, saying further assistance was stalked as the officers on duty requested a court order to take custody of the helpless girl.

“Efforts to make the Police take custody of the stuttering girl or obtain a report failed. In addition, we took her to Modupe Cole Memorial Child Care and Treatment Home/School where she was also turned down on the condition that the case was not accompanied by Police Report.

“Also, the Red Cross office at Yaba equally rejected her as the centre does not have the facility to accommodate special children. The same goes for the Correctional Facility at Birrel Avenue and Jakin NGO where she was also rejected.

She said in disappointment, “I have also called 767 for help that is yet to come.”

Adigun, said Kofo who disclosed that she lived in Ajah and abandoned by Mama, was moved to tears as she disclosed that most time she bathe and clean the helpless girl traces of blood suffered during forced molestation and semen drip from her private part.

“It is appalling that men without conscience under the cover of the night regularly defile the helpless girl. What a world filled with wicked people. The perpetrators should have the fear of God.

“I am appealing to public-spirited persons and organisation and the Lagos State Government to come to the aid of the girl. The stuttering girl if given required attention and given home would be saved from the irresponsible abuse by unknown men in the area,” she added.

Another resident of the area appealed to the wife of the Governor, Dr. Mrs. Ibijoke Sanwo-Olu, the Iyaloja, Mrs. Iyabo Tinubu-Ojo, and other well-meaning citizens of the state to save and rescue Kofo from irresponsible miscreants by providing her shelter away from the street of Sabo.

“The woman that had been bathing and feeding her daily has tried a lot. The girl has suffered so much as she sleeps on a wheelchair provided by a good Samaritan in the open day and night since November last year.

She added, “This is pitiable. Someone brought the girl and abandoned her at the location probably to get rid of her situation. This is wicked. Please help.”

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