Tears Flow As Beautiful Bride Sadly Dies 9 Months After Her Main Wedding.

Late Royal Ekua Rechil

Tears kept flowing among the Group members in a popular Facebook page called LORGOLIGI after the death of an active participant was announced. According to the sad announcement, Royal Ekua Rechil passed on 9 months after her beautiful main wedding. Social media was washed with tears as the news kept trending.

” You got married 9 months ago. We were just chatting on WhatsApp just four days ago. Royal Ekua Rechil, I don’t want to believe you are gone. Gosh, I’m so pained. Rest well dear. Rest well till we meet again. Our group LORGOLIGI has lost a great member” The administrator sadly announced.

” Ekua was a donor to many people who needed help in the group. This is indeed great loss. I can’t hold my tears. Somebody hold me. Why this time? ” A group member Jackie Anderson Adaasi wept with emojis in the comment section.

Brother of the late Royal Rechil confirmed the sad news

” It’s true that my sister is no more. We are in grief ” John Tutu sadly explained.

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