Man Kicks His 60-Year-Old Wife Out of the House after Learning She’s Pregnant with Triplets

Ariel & Neil

Ariel and Neil were already in their 60s. Both their children were married and starting their own families. But Ariel felt that something was missing, and she decided to visit their old fertility doctor to see if they could have another baby. Something shocking happened, and her husband did not react well.

“Being grandparents is going to be way more fun than being parents, don’t you think?” Neil asked his wife, Ariel. They were both in their 60s, and their eldest child, Christina, had just had a baby. Meanwhile, their son, Derek, was expecting a baby with his wife, so they were about to be swimming in babies.

“Yeah, sure, I think so,” Ariel answered, pursing her lips and thinking about something she had done. Of course, she was excited about her grandbabies, but she thought about having another child of their own. It sounded insane even to her, but she hadn’t gone through menopause yet and it was still possible, although she knew society would judge her for it.

Dr. Carrigan was worried about Ariel’s age and how her husband would react.

The fact is that they had Christina and Derek in their late 20s, and they always wanted more children. They went to fertility doctors and underwent treatments to no avail. Nothing worked, so they tabled the idea and forgot about it.

“So, you’re taking her side?” Neil demanded to know, his voice dripping anger.

When Christina announced her pregnancy, Ariel felt almost envious of her daughter. It was wrong, and she knew it, but she had been craving to become a mother again. Raising children had been the best experience of her life.

So as her husband talked about being a grandparent, Ariel remembered what she had done three months earlier. She went to a fertility doctor she found online, Dr. Emilia Carrigan.

“Mrs. Fernandez, you’re 60 years old. While you are technically still able to conceive, it’s not recommended,” the doctor said gently. “We can use donor eggs and sperm, but it’ll be such a long shot, especially if it didn’t happen in your 30s.”