Texas Mom of 10 Boys Prays for a Baby Girl – Dies 11 Days after Giving Birth to Her First Daughter

Sonya Harlow and Daughter

Welcoming a child after long anticipation is undoubtedly one of the most emotional experiences. However, following the child’s birth, a family’s joy can quickly turn to sadness, and this story proved it.

The arrival of a new baby is exciting — newborns represent life, hope, and the promise of love. It is the moment much awaited by parents and especially by the family. This is because it is a new life, generated for months with love, care, and patience.

The moment a child is born, the mother immediately forgets the pain of pregnancy and childbirth and clings to her newborn. This feeling is even more unexplainable when a child arrives, after much waiting and anticipation. 

An example is that of a mother who has a series of boys and welcomes a baby girl after waiting so long. The above was the case of Sonya Harlow and her husband of eight years; they celebrated the arrival of their long-anticipated daughter.

Unfortunately, a few days after the baby’s birth, the family’s joy was turned to mourning. Here are the details of the emotional story.