I returned to Ghana broke, I’ve 12 kids so I wanted to sacrifice 2 for money – Borga explains

Evans Oppong the Borga who attempted to use his daughter money rituals has been busted.

Ghana Police Service has busted one Evans Oppong, Ghanaian Borga for attempting to use his daughter for money rituals.

The herbalist he visited with the daughter for the money rituals called the police to come and pick him.

According to the herbalist, the man said he just returned from abroad empty handed with no money.

He explained further that he has 12 children to cater for so he decided to sacrifice two for money to cater for the rest.

The man picked her daughter from school straight to the herbalist’s house poised for the money rituals.

Thankfully the herbalist tricked him to believe he is ready to do what he wanted and called the police to storm the house