After My Partner Depart This Life , His Brothers Started Hauling Between Themselves Who Will Marry Me -Lady Says

Woman Dey Suffer

During a program held to help widows, a particular widow known as Ibadu Beauty has narrated her ordeal in the hands of her husband’s brothers who fought themselves and threatened to kill each other just to remarry her.

As Claimed by Ibadu Beauty; her Husband just died immediately after their marriage in a ghastly motor accident and her husband’s brothers started dragging and fighting each other who will remarry her because she was beautiful. 

Non of them wanted to support her or help her start up a business. All they were after was who was going to remarry her. They fought each other and threatened to kill themselves just to remarry her. She rejected them and they threw her out and took over her properties.

None of them asked after their own brother’s wife or how she survives, they were after was who to remarry her. She has advised people to stop treating windows as piece of trash and men should respect women not see them as their sexual satisfactory object.