Ghanaian Transexual Embarrassed As Airport Staff Forces Him To Take Off Wig Before Checking In To Flight


Ghanian Transgender Ohemartin was reportedly embarrassed at the Kotoka International airport after being asked to take off his wig before checking in to a flight.

Ohemartin, born Hughes Kwame Martin, is a famous Ghanaian transgender.

He’s male and reportedly has a male name on his passport but dresses like a female and has astoundingly female features.

As stated by a source present during a recent embarrassing episode at the airport, officials asked him to take off his wig before undergoing check-in procedures.

He was reportedly told to do so to match his passport, which has a male name.

Ohemartin was traveling to South Africa when the incident occurred.

“He was on SAA flight to Joburg yesterday and immigration gave him embarrassment of his life which I felt was wrong. They made him remove his wig ooooooo. Before taking his biometrics, stating he is a man in his passport and not a woman.,” the source said.

Ohemartin has yet to comment on this alleged incident or even confirm whether it’s true or false.

The transgender personality has numerous sympathisers amongst Ghanaians due to the fact that he has legitimately female features not acquired through surgery.

His photos show he has features more feminine than even some ladies can boast of, and they’re all natural.

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