I’m a mum-of-five at 29 after having surprise QUINTUPLETS – nappies cost a fortune, we have to accept donations

A WOMAN has become an instant mum-of-five at the age of 29 after having surprise quintuplets.

Brenda Raymundo, from Texas, revealed she was shocked to learn that she was expecting five children after undergoing fertility treatment. 

The news was also a surprise to staff, as there have only been five cases of quintuplets in the history of Brenda’s hospital, Parkland Memorial Hospital.

Her babies Amara, Humberto, Leilany, Antonio “Tony” and Alejandro “Alex” arrived on May 17 last year.

The tots spent a few weeks in incubators and were fed with Brenda’s milk and some provided by donors.

Each day, Brenda and husband Alejandro Ibarra – both originally from Mexico – went to visit their babies, and were able to eventually take them home one by one.

By July 30, all five of the babies were safely at home, and it’s safe to say the couple must have their hands full.

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